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(Analyzing 2,692 giant Long Gourd seeds. )

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Top 10 Biggest Long Gourds

Long Gourd NameWeightFirst NameLast NamePhoto
149.25 Muis 2015
Detail Progeny
149.25 RonMuis No Photo
141.5 Ansems 2016
Detail Progeny
141.50 GerardAnsems No Photo
141.25 Vunak 2015
Detail Progeny
141.25 JoeVunak No Photo
141 Muis 2017
Detail Progeny
141.00RonMuis No Photo
139.38 Ansems 2015
Detail Progeny
139.38 FredAnsems No Photo
139.25 Ansems 2013
Detail Progeny
139.25 FredAnsems No Photo
138.5 Clementz 2014
Detail Progeny
138.50 MarkClementz No Photo
138.5 Eaton 2017
Detail Progeny
138.50 AlEaton No Photo
137.8 Skobowsky 2017 (Damaged)
Detail Progeny
137.80 SvenSkobowsky No Photo
137.75 Wright 2012
Detail Progeny
137.75 TomWright No Photo

Other Genetic Statistics For Other Giant Fruit Grown

This site provides the grower of Long Gourds with a resource to get them to the next level and grow a giant Long Gourd. You will be able to compare, look at their world rank, and determine which genetic line of the Long Gourd will grow the next world record Long Gourd.

We are always taking suggestions and continuing updating this site to provide you with the best information about Long Gourds.

Growers, enter your data, upload your pictures, or send me the data from your weigh-offs and I'll get it entered. This site also maintains the difference between GPC results and other weigh off site results.